Musikautomaten aus zwei jahrhunderten (Jukebox)

Musikautomaten aus zwei jahrhunderten (Jukebox)
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Musikautomaten aus zwei jahrhunderten
382 pages
color and b&w photos
Hard cover
20 x 14 cm
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Don't we all love basking in fond memories of those 1950s jukeboxes that flaunted their glittering chrome so superbly while 'belting out' Elvis' songs? This book is a first ever in presenting a comprehensive company collection embracing items that trace the development of musical automata from the 1880s to the era of rock 'n' roll, including those made by such eminent purveyors of popular sound as Wurlitzer, Rock-ola, Packard, Filben, Bergmann &Co., etc. The repertoire of forms range from the stylistic puralism that distinguishes Historicism to the streamlined creations of Late Modernism. Starting with the medieval glockenspiel, the authors explore the development of musical automata with reference to technology, developments in design and underlying economic factors. Text in German