Modern Furniture - 150 Years of Design

Modern Furniture - 150 Years of Design
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Modern Furniture - 150 Years of Design
719 pages
Color photos
Hard cover
25 x 20 cm
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As a reverse-chronological survey-beginning with 2011 and winding back to early modern designs from the latter half of the 19th century-this chunky catalogue becomes a wide-ranging lesson in the principles of furniture design, considering influential designers, one-of-a-kind show pieces, and wildly successful mass-produced items, from Gillis Lundgren's Billy Bookcase for IKEA (1979) to Michael Thonet's pioneering No. 14 "bistro" bentwood chair (1859). Most of the items here-seen in large, captioned color photos-have the page to themselves, while essays by more than a dozen experts touch on particular trends and themes of design.