Louis-Benjamin Audemars - His Life and Work

Louis-Benjamin Audemars - His Life and Work
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Louis-Benjamin Audemars - His Life and Work
507 pages
color and some b&w photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
31,50 x 26 cm
3,496 kg
English and German

This book tells the life story of Louis-Benjamin Audemars and his sons, the most important Swiss watchmakers of the 19th Century. For Louis-Benjamin Audemars and his successors it was not only important to create a perfect and precise watch, but also to develop as many new and different complications as possible, and to integrate them harmoniously into the movements. At many 19th Century World Exhibitions The House of Louis Audemars was rewarded with the highest distinctions for their products. Some of their watches are among the most complicated that have ever been made. The watches of Louis Audemars cannot be bettered by any other watchmaker because of their technical perfection, the beauty and harmony of their movements, cases, dials and hands. They rightly have their place among the great Masterpieces of the watchmaker's art. The amazing works of this watchmaking dynasty are illustrated by more than 600 illustrations, some larger than life size, of more than 160 watches made by Louis Audemars factory and its successors.