Les automobiles de Solido 1991-2004

To the great traditional series of Solido, the Golden age, Sixties, Yesterday and ToDay

Les automobiles de Solido 1991-2004
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224 pages
800 color photos
Soft cover
25 x 25cm
This book devoted to the Solido mark, created in 1932, takes the production of the cars built of 1991 to 2004.To the great traditional series of Solido, the Golden age (cars and commercial vehicles), Sixties, Yesterday and ToDay are added many models distributed in other series like Nostalgia, Ferrari, Coca Cola, Le Mans or Signatures. At the period of the cars distributed out of box metal is assistant that which was with the source of many models carried out for the United States and distributed under blisters or in specific cases.It was also essential to take into account the models of the Hachette series distributed since 1999 and which will be it still during several years. The Solido Club with its original models was not to be forgotten thus that some rare models of which it has was never made mention. Last surprise, the return of Solido to Formula I...
A really necessary book for the die-cast collector!