Ertl Toy Tractors

Ertl Toy Tractors
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Ertl Toy Tractors
127 pages
color photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
28 x 22 cm
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In more than one respect, Ertl, long the most celebrated name in diecast toy tractors, is much like Tonka: both were founded shortly after World War II in the basements of enterprising Midwesterners. Although Ertl, also like Tonka, has produced countless toy trucks, this book will focus solely on the Iowa toymaker's true bread and butter: toy tractors produced from 1945 to present. Two hundred color photos depict Ertl's 1/16- and 1/64-scale tractors, as well as pedal tractors, up close with theater-gel backgrounds, diecast implements, and the sort of plastic injection-molded farmers and livestock with which Ertl has often packaged its tractors. Accompanying the is the story of how this Dyersville-based company grew by leaps and bounds, including founder Fred Ertls' first licensing of some of these companies' names and actual designs in 1945 , the family-based assembly line he and his wife established in their home, Ertl's renowned commitment to quality, and the incredible detail that goes into today's precision-made scale models.