Dolls for the Princesses

The Story of France and Marianne (poupée Jumeau)

Dolls for the Princesses
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Dolls for the Princesses - The Story of France and Marianne
137 pages
color and b&w photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
28 x 24 cm
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The story told here concerns two very special dolls "France and Marianne" which were given to Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret in 1938, when they were, respectively, twelve and eight years old. Intended as a tangible expression of the Entente Cordiale between Great Britain and France on the eve of World War II, the dolls and their trousseaux also acted as a showcase for the French fashion industry and the elegant world of Parisian haute couture.

Faith Eaton, the well-known writer and lecturer on the subject of dolls and doll collecting, here describes the historical events leading up to the presentation of the dolls, their creation in the world-famous Jumeau factory, and the preparation of their vast collection of designer dresses, fur coats, hats, shoes, and miniature accessories. Contributions came from the most prestigious fashion houses of the day, including Lanvin and Cartier, Hermès and Vuitton, and the excellence of their work is clearly seen in the book's specially commissioned photography.

In her final chapter Eaton describes her own delicate conservation work, carried out over the years, to maintain the dolls' original perfection.