Collecting Japanese Antiques

Collecting Japanese Antiques
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Collecting Japanese Antiques
303 pages
Color photos
Soft cover
30 x 23 cm
1,433 kg

From the time Japan started trading with the West in the sixteenth century, Japanese arts and crafts have intrigued and delighted Westerners, especially lacquer, screens, swords and porcelain.

Antique hunters will benefit from the practical and cautionary advice in this book; newcomers will appreciate information on the basics of collecting Japanese antiques; while other sections might reawaken interest in experienced collectors. Striking photographs throughout make this art and antiques book a must for collectors and lovers of Japanese art.

Chapters include:
* Japan's Art Heritage
* Collecting for Fun and with Wisdom
* Screens and Scrolls
* Ukiyo-e and Other Prints
* Sagemono
* Ceramics
* Furniture
* Textiles
* Lacquerware
* Cloisonne
* Sculpture and Metalwork
* Swords and Armor
* Tea Ceremony Utensils
* Dolls
* Flower Baskets