Collectible Miniature Perfume Bottles

Collectible Miniature Perfume Bottles
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Collectible Miniature Perfume Bottles
379 pages
color photos
Soft cover
14 x 14 cm
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Famous perfumers, fashion designer film stars, and celebrities have all introduced perfumes presented in exquisite packaging designed to enchant and seduce the public. The miniature perfume bottle began as a purely commercial offshoot, but soon became a popular collector's item as an immensely covetable object in its own right. Featuring over five hundred color photographs, Collectible Miniature Perfume Bottles is a treasure trove of beautiful flacons dating from the nineteenth century to the present day, presented in thematic chapters covering classic, designer, popular, trademark and celebrity perfume bottles. Whether you are a long-term perfume bottle collector or novice, this book is sure to delight. But newcomers, be warned: once you start collecting, you won't be able to stop. . .