Buccellati : Timeless Art

Buccellati : Timeless Art
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Buccellati : Timeless Art
200 pages
color photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
30 x 30 cm
1,792 kg

This is a stunning array of 200 pieces created by one of Italy's most important jewelry houses.It has elegance and refinement, class and harmony: the hallmarks of the Buccellati jewelry tradition, heir to the great masters of antiquity. Since 1750, the Buccellati family has been crafting some of the finest jewelry in the world, and today the name is synonymous with luxury, quality, and craftsmanship. Lavishly illustrated, this beautiful book traces nearly one hundred years and three generations of the company's haute-couture jewelry production and showcases 200 stunning, unique pieces from the 1920s to the present.Breathtaking necklaces, gorgeous bracelets, detailed brooches, and magnificent silverware all testify to the impassioned work of this internationally renowned jewelry house, whose treasures can today be purchased around the world.Published in conjunction with an exhibition at the Moscow State Museum, "Buccellati" is a worthy tribute to artists and artisans whose creations have symbolized superb taste and craftsmanship for generations.