Two Summers – The Mercedes-Benz W196R Racing Car

Limited Edition of 1500 Copies

Two Summers – The Mercedes-Benz W196R Racing Car
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Two Summers - The Mercedes-Benz W196R Racing Car
192 pages
b&w and some color photos
Hard cover
26 x 26 cm
1,226 kg

**** Limited Edition of 1500 Copies ****

This book explores the Mercedes-Benz W196R's historic roots, development, and racing. Also its triumphs, struggles and disappointments, as well as the spirited challenges from Maserati, Ferrari, Gordini and Lancia. Accompanying the text are hundreds of photos sourced from the legendary Daimler Archives, as well as stunning new artwork.

* Details the designing and developing of the W196R
* A tribute to Karl Kling's contributions to the development and testing of the W196R
* Explores the design and features of the W196R's 8-cylinder engine
* Details Alfred Neubauer's successful signing of Juan Fangio and Stirling Moss
* Includes the full story of the W196 victory of the in its debut race - the 1954 French Grand Prix
* Dramatically captures the exciting press debut of the W196R in 1954
* A portrait of the skill and courage of legendary Grand Prix drivers
* Complete results of all Grand Prix races in 1954 and 1955
* Includes a balanced review of the W196R's defeat in the 1954 British Grand Prix
* Page after page of great racing stories and photographs