Ferry Porsche 100 Years - Porsche Museum

Ferry Porsche 100 Years - Porsche Museum
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Ferry Porsche 100 Years - Porsche Museum
199 pages
Color and b&w photos
Hard cover
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The success story of the Porsche firm is entwined with the life's work of Ferry Porsche. Under his leadership, the construction office founded by his father Ferdinand in 1931 became an independent automobile manufacturer that built the first sports cars bearing the Porsche name back in 1948. With the Porsche 356, and later the Porsche 911, Ferry Porsche realized his dream of "driving in its most beautiful form." As a visionary and entrepreneurial personality, he developed Porsche into an internationally admired sports-car producer. This richly illustrated and elaborately designed biography, produced by the Porsche Museum on the occasion of its subject's 100th birthday, documents the life of one of the world's most important automotive pioneers, an individual whose ideas made industrial, design and business history. Part of a collectible series, it includes many unpublished images and documents from the company's historical archives.


Unter der Führung von Ferry Porsche wurde 1948 der erste Sportwagen namens Porsche gebaut. Mit dem Porsche 356 und später mit dem 911 realisierte er unbeirrt seinen Traum vom »Fahren in seiner schönsten Form« und entwickelte Porsche zu einer der einflussreichsten Marken. Diese reich bebilderte Biographie dokumentiert das Leben eines der bedeutendsten Automobilpioniere weltweit, der mit seinen Ideen Industrie-, Design- und Wirtschaftsgeschichte geschrieben hat.