British Teenage Dolls 1956 - 1984

British Teenage Dolls 1956 - 1984
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British Teenage Dolls 1956 - 1984
195 pages
color photos
Hard cover
26 x 22 cm
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Teenage dolls with fashionable clothes, boyfriends, dream homes and exciting accessories were introduced in the late 1950s as toy manufacturers rushed to match the aspirations of the now teenaged 'baby-boom' generation. From the earliest 'Roddy' dolls of D.G.Todd to the ever popular Sindy, Frances Baird gives a fascinating account of the development of these dolls. Creations from Palitoy, Pedigree and Denys Fisher, as well as lesser known brands such as Rosebud, are described and illustrated in detail making this book a delight for any collector.