Picker's Pocket Guide - Toys - With Values

Picker's Pocket Guide - Toys - With Values
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Picker's Pocket Guide - Toys - With Values
206 pages
Color photos
Soft cover
20 x 10 cm
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Whether it's a rare three-wheeled motorcycle that sold for $23,000 or an unopened LEGO set of the Millennium Falcon that can go for as much as $4,500, toy-box treasures are out there waiting to be found. Discover for yourself what veteran collectors know with this hands-on, how-to guide to picking toys, the No. 1 collecting category. Learn what seasoned collectors look for and what they value in this easy-to-follow and indispensable pocket guide.

* The best toys to hunt for, including action figures, LEGO sets, model trains, space toys, teddy bears, tin toys, vehicles, oddities, and more
* Practical strategies from top buyers and sellers
* Where to find hidden treasures
* How to flip toys for profit and fun
* Common fakes and reproductions