The World's Great Fighters

The World's Great Fighters
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The World's Great Fighters
176 pages
color and b&w photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
25 x 19 cm
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Since its arrival in action over the battlefields of World War I, the fighter has developed into one of the most potent and versatile weapons of war, whether launched from an airfield or from the heaving deck of an aircraft carrier. The World's Great Fighters traces the history of this warplane from flimsy 'kite' to high-performance jet, explaining why some designs turned out to be winners while others proved to be catastrophic. The book discusses their development, their equipment and avionics, their combat capabilities, and the innovations that set them apart from the rest. Besides the 80 photographs, The World's Great Fighters is illustrated with 100 full-colour artworks, each accompanied by a specifications table giving details of the aircraft's dimensions, weight, range, speed, payload, crew and country of origin.