Kandinsky / Watercolours - Catalogue Raisonné. 1900-1921

Kandinsky / Watercolours - Catalogue Raisonné.  1900-1921
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Kandinsky / Watercolours - Catalogue Raisonné. Volume One. 1900-1921
555 pages
Color and b&w photos
Hard cover
30 x 27 cm
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Kandinsky's temperas, gouaches and watercolours from the Munich years and the Russian period are definitively catalogued and discussed in chronological order (including those known only from documentary evidence). Many previously unknown pictures are published for the first time. The artist's earlier works, his bold abstractations from 1911 to 1914, and his little-known watercolours painted in Russia from 1915 to 1921 are fully documented and illustrated.
Vivian Barnett also provides complete provenance, exhibition history and reference for more than 500 watercolours and gouaches, plus an addendum to the Catalogue of Oil Paintings (1982, 1984). The original essays, complete list of exhibitions, selective biography and extensive colour illustrations make this volume essential for collectors and scholars.