English China Patterns & Pieces - Price Guide

English China Patterns & Pieces - Price Guide
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English China Patterns & Pieces
191 pages
color photos
Hard cover
28 x 22 cm
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A different perspective on collecting English ceramics is presented in Mary Frank Gaston's, English China. The focus in this book is on objects, with an emphasis on table wares and unique ceramics made for daily life during the mid-tolate nineteenth century and early half of the twentieth century. Today, biscuit jars, cheese dishes, and teapots, as well as bowls and plates from that era, form the basis for china collections. Many of the old items also had functions that are no longer recognized in most of contemporary life, but their collectibility has been greatly enhanced. Categories are defined and represented by over 500 photographs - from apothecary jars to wine jugs. China is shown from more than 100 manufacturers. Decorations range from hand-painted and applied work to a variety of transfer patterns, including relevant examples from the author's other books on English ceramics, Flow Blue China and Blue Willow. A current price range is listed for each item.