English Stained Glass

English Stained Glass
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English Stained Glass
128 pages
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Hard cover
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Stained glass is one of the glories of medieval art, and much of the finest glass can be found in England. Intensely moving in its beauty, startling in its colors, and fascinating in its imagery, stained glass has for centuries captivated visitors to churches and cathedrals.

This book reveals in detail more than one hundred English windows and panels, taking advatage of both new technology and Painton Cowen's unfailing eye. After an introduction explaining the history and techniques of the art form, as well as the significance and meaning of the windows, the book is organized into four sections: The North, The Midlands, East Anglia, and The South & Southwest. The most important monuments, including the cathedrals of Canterbury, Wells Gloucester, and York, are covered in depth, while extensive captions explore the specific background stories of the glass.