Design Derby - Netherlands - Belgium 1815-2015

Design Derby - Netherlands - Belgium 1815-2015
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Design Derby - Netherlands - Belgium 1815-2015
240 pages
Color and b&w photos
Hard cover
25 x 19 cm
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Through many unusual objects this lavishly illustrated publication explores what influenced design in the two countries over the course of two hundred years. Ranging from furniture, ceramics, glass, fabric, graphic design and fashion to household appliances, it tells the story of how domestic culture, the economy and politics continually shape the character of design.

The book is divided into twenty-one themes, each accompanied by an infographic and two typical examples from the Netherlands and Belgium. Four Flemish specialists - Werner Adriaenssens, Marc Dubois, Fredie Floré and Frank Huygens - and four Dutch specialists - Paul Rem, Mienke Simon Thomas, Jeroen van den Eijnde and Frederike Huygen - tell the story of two centuries of design history in the Netherlands and Belgium in eight absorbing essays. There is a friendly contest here, too, as each essay is followed by a short response by an author from the neighbouring country: Wim Nys, Claire Leblanc, Daniela N. Prina and Johan Valcke on the Belgian side and Ellinoor Bergvelt and Helen Elands, Timo de Rijk, André Koch and Ed van Hinte on the Dutch side.