Le Corbusier and the Maisons Jaoul

Le Corbusier and the Maisons Jaoul
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Le Corbusier and the Maisons Jaoul
175 pages
B&W and some color photos
Hard cover
26 x 20 cm
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In 1955, Le Corbusier had a reputation among the architectural world as the high priest of modernism, known for his pure white forms; it came as quite a shock, then, when he began building weekend houses for André Jaoul and his son Michel from brick, concrete, stone, and timber, seemingly the antithesis of everything commonly referred to as "Corbusian." Their small scale gives them a magnificent sculptural presence and the raw materiality of their exteriors-oozing mortar from the rough brick arches of its vaults, for example-gives them a deliberately crude, almost craftsman-like appearance. This book thoroughly documents these remarkable dwellings in photos, plans, and detailed descriptions of their construction.