Santa Claus

Santa Claus
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Santa Claus
480 pages
Color photos
Hard cover
16 x 15 cm
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From the moment his now-familiar red-clad image first appeared on a Christmas card in 1885, Santa Claus has been the object of collectors' ardors. Since 1989, Santa amasser extraordinaire Luca Sacchi has been gobbling up Claus-themed items from all over the world-at flea markets, department stores, and by mail order. In this charming, pocket-sized volume, he opens up his vast collection, presenting 420 full-color images of the best, most hard-to-find pieces he has gathered. From salt-and-pepper shakers to soap dispensers, 1920s Limoges porcelain to 1970s tree ornaments, all bear Santa's iconic visage. Complementing these treasured objects are gingerbread man recipes, Christmas carol excerpts, and other textual passages evoking the holiday season. This book is the perfect stocking stuffer for collectors and anyone who loves Christmas.