Hollywood Movie Posters: 1914-1990

Hollywood Movie Posters: 1914-1990
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Hollywood Movie Posters: 1914-1990
221 pages
Color photos
Hard cover
29 x 22 cm
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Everyone loves the movies, and the movie posters in this book provide a colorful visual history of the movies, from the early silent days to the big blockbusters of recent years. The evolution of the dream factory is charted through spectacular graphics used by individual studios to advertise their movies. Posters, like the films they represent, demonstrate stylistic developments, in response to changing social and political conditions, throughout the 20th century. The glamour, pathos and sheer drama of Hollywood through the decades is colorfully brought to life in over 400 illustrations of rare and collectible movie posters.
This book provides an entertaining appreciation of the evolution of Hollywood and cinematic poster art, as well as a guide to the value of this advertising material. This collectors guide enables instant understanding and identification in one volume. Essential to the novice buyer and an invaluable visual reference for experienced collectors, this book is a celebration of Hollywood.