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VW Golf GTI 1976 to 1991

VW Golf GTI 1976 to 1991

The Essential Buyer's Guide

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VW Golf GTI 1976 to 1991 - The Essential Buyer's Guide
64 pages
color photos
Soft cover
19,50 x 14 cm
0,147 kg

* Built around the collectable first two generations of Golf
* Concentrates on the hot model - the GTI
* Includes the special edition Mk1 Campaign GTI
* Adds the Rallye Golf and GTIG60 to the Mk2 GTI content
* Special section on the hotter versions of the Golf Cabriolet
* Defines original engine specifications, 1600, 1800, 8-valve & 16-valve
* Predicts which later models will become collectable
* Covers customised models, larger engines and lowered suspension

While old MkI Golfs have by now largely rusted away, the availability of MkII models at giveaway prices is plentiful ... that is until three magic letters - GTI - appear on the car's front grille and hatch. Find a good example of the MKI with the aid of this guide and you are in clover! The Buyer's Guide carefully charts all the models that an enthusiast just has to own, from the iconic late model MkI with its pocket rocket 1.8-litre engine and 5-speed box, through to the exclusive, extremely powerful and much sought after limited edition Rallye Golf. With both mileage and particularly condition having a marked affect on potential prices, the authors give sound advice on what is worth restoring and what, however tempting, is likely to cost a new owner an un-recoupable fortune. Weak points, rust traps, and potential mechanical defects are laid out for the reader, with clear Golf-specific guidelines offered on the practicalities of rectifying such problems. The authors also embrace both the customized and mechanically modified examples of the MkI and MkII GTI, with each aspect of Golf ownership meticulously captured on camera.

Models covered:
Mk1 Golf GTI, Mk1 Golf GTI Campaign, Mk1 Golf Cabriolet GLI, Mk2 Golf GTI, Mk2 Golf GTI 18-valve, Mk2 Rallye Golf, Mk2 Golf G60

The book is supposed to cover just the Mk1 and Mk2 Golf and is restricted to the hot hatches. Fleeting reference will be made to other more mundane specifications, particularly to the Golf Driver, a GTI lookalike