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Volunteer & Rural Fire Apparatus

Volunteer & Rural Fire Apparatus

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Volunteer & Rural Fire Apparatus

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Volunteer & Rural Fire Apparatus
223 pages
b&w photos
Soft cover
28 x 22 cm
0,630 kg

Firefighting enthusiasts will enjoy browsing this fascinating collection of photographs depicting the enormous variety of volunteer fire trucks built in 20th Century America. Small-town and rural fire departments long relied on fire apparatus built on commercial truck chassis such as Ford Chevrolet, Dodge, and International. The chassis would be sent to a builder suds as Boardman, Pierce, or Seagrave, which would outfit them with pumps, hosebeds, ladder racks, and the like. Some departments did the outfitting themselves, relying on a local bodyshop or welder to do the bodywork. Detailed captions identify and detail the truck in each photo.