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Victorian Doll's Houses

Victorian Doll's Houses

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Victorian Doll's Houses
160 pages
color photos
Soft cover
30 x 23 cm
0,773 kg

When it comes to doll's houses and miniature furniture, the Victorian era is one of the most popular to re-crate. This is no surprise when you consider the wealth of inspiration from the period available to miniaturists. Spanning more than 60 years, the period was an exciting time of exploration, innovation and idustrialization, all of which are represented in the decorative styles and trends of the time. Victorian Doll's Houses celebrates this at 1/12 scale, and shows how to re-create Victorian rooms of differing styles in miniature, each time reflecting the major influences and designs of the time. 12 major rooms of typical Victorian homes are taken in turn, and explained in terms of function and furnishings. Selected pieces are described in detail, as is the actual construction of the sets. Visually stunning, the beautiful colour photographs of each room set often make it difficult to tell them apart from a full-sized example. Whether interested in making room sets, collecting miniature furniture or simply seeing how we once lived, this is an essential resource for all.