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Pepsi - Field Guide

Pepsi - Field Guide

Signs, Clocks, Thermometers, Bottles, Coolers, Calenders, Pens, Playing Cards, Radios, Toys, Trays

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Pepsi - Field Guide

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Pepsi - Field Guide
512 pages
color photos
Soft cover
13 x 11 cm
0,422 kg

This portable and inexpensive guide is the perfect to-go reference for collectors of Pepsi-Cola. Whether at Pepsi Fest or routine visits to shops, auctions or sales, collectors will find the information they need to accurately price and identify Pepsi treasures in this handy reference. In this book, collectors will discover:

*Everything from early Pepsi trays to matchbooks and toys, divided into four main sections - signs, containers, novelties and toys, and paper collectibles

*2,000 listings featuring key details including current values, accurate descriptions, rarity ratings and 750+ color photos

*Tips for spotting fakes and reproductions, saving collectors from potentially costly investments