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Kelsterbacher Porzellan

Kelsterbacher Porzellan

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Kelsterbacher Porzellan
135 pages
color photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
29 x 23 cm
1,043 kg

The first comprehensive and scientific monograph on Kelsterbach porcelain to have been published in almost eighty years. An authoritative new standard work on 18th-century porcelain.

Even though the Kelsterbach Factory was only in operation for thirteen years, the pieces from it represent a high point of late 18th-century porcelain. Kelsterbach modellers such as Carl Vogelmann, Peter Antonius Seefried (a pupil of Bustelli's) and Johann Peter Melchior created figurines which are today highly prized and also very rare. Comprising figurines, services, parts of services, flacons, walking cane handles, pipe bowls, needle cases and snuff boxes, the collection as presented in this publication, represents an almost complete survey of the diverse Kelsterbach porcelain production.