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Gun Digest 2005

Gun Digest 2005

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Artikelcode: 5913


Gun Digest 2005
558 pages
B&W photos
Soft cover
28 x 22 cm
1,333 kg

A favorite among shooters and collectors, today's most complete gun book features authoritative articles, product news, and of course the indexed, heavily illustrated arms catalog. Expert firearms writers offer all new, carefully researched articles and fresh new product reports. This 59th edition will exceed all expectations with the latest offerings from the firearms industry!

The firearm catalog listings include specifications, factory options, model descriptions, photos, and retail prices. All major firearm brands are cataloged, in addition to other lesser-known brands. Also cataloged are scopes, metallic sights, laser sights, and reloading presses. Additional coverage lists ballistics and prices for commercially available rifle and handgun cartridges, while shotshells are listed with loads and prices.