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2 Volumes about Horse Riding Equipment

2 Volumes about Horse Riding Equipment

Illustrated guide to Saddlery & Training Aids

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€ 25.00

Artikelcode: 6377-7411


2 Volumes about Horse Riding Equipment

Book 1

The Allen Illustrated guide to Saddlery
128 pages
color photos and drawings
Hard cover with dust jacket
27 x 22 cm
0,726 kg

In "The Allen Illustrated Guide to Saddlery", Hilary Vernon, an experienced saddlery consultant, examines both English and Western tack covering a wide range of equipment including the many different types of saddles and bridles and their accessories. The author explains how saddles are made and how to care for equipment. This comprehensive work also provides important information on the use and suitability of each item and advance on their correct fitting. Fully illustrated with profuse colour photographs and colour illustrations.

Book 2

The Allen Illustrated Guide to Training Aids
95 pages
color drawings and photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
26 x 22 cm
0,590 kg

There is a bewildering profusion of training aids currently available to the horse owner and this comprehensive and easy to reference guide to training aids gives important information on the correct fitting and humane use of equipment which is often misunderstood and misused. The clear, informed explanations are accompanied by 80 drawings and 13 photographs. This full colour book is a fascinating, invaluable and attractive reference work for all riders, horse owners, students and anyone involved in the retail saddlery trade.