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Comprehensively Clarice Cliff

Comprehensively Clarice Cliff

Over 2000 ceramic pieces, patterns and backstamps

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Comprehensively Clarice Cliff

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Comprehensively Clarice Cliff
448 pages
color and b&w photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
32 x 25 cm
2,920 kg

Over 2,000 patterns and pieces by ceramicist Clarice Cliff and her colleagues at the Wilkinson Pottery: the most complete guide ever published to Cliff's colorful, delightful, and highly collectible work.

The dazzling ceramics of Clarice Cliff and the Wilkinson Pottery, which first encouraged her work in the 1920s, are among the most popular collectibles from the twentieth century. Ever since the exuberant colors and bold shapes of Cliff's classic Art Deco pieces first caught the imagination of collectors, auction prices have moved inexorably upwards, reaching over $50,000 for a single item. Now, after years of research, both in the Wilkinson archives and through the oral testimonies of surviving employees, Greg Slater has produced the first comprehensive survey of the work of Clarice Cliff and her largely uncredited colleagues at the Wilkinson Pottery from the 1920s to the 1950s.

This massive reference work identifies the origin, name, designer, date, and decoration method of all the significant pieces. Accessible through three indexes-pattern name, number, and backstamp-the book is organized by pattern (including groups assigned by the Wilkinson Pottery and recognizable themes) and also by shape (an instant identifier for ceramics without a backstamp).