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Home     Voordeelpakket - 6 Boeken - Auto Racing
Voordeelpakket - 6 Boeken - Auto Racing

Voordeelpakket - 6 Boeken - Auto Racing

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Voordeelpakket - 6 Boeken - Auto Racing


Book 1

Code 7524
Endurance Racing at Silverstone in the 1970s & 1980s
96 pages
color photos
Soft cover
19 x 20,50 cm
0,318 kg

Changes to regulations for sports car racing in the late 1970s paved the way for a golden era of endurance racing in the 80s, with the likes of Porsche, Lancia, Jaguar and Mercedes all vying for the World Sportscar Championship. The Silverstone 6-Hour and 1000km races became a cornerstone of this championship and the event was often used by the teams as a warm-up to the all important Le Mans 24-Hour race, which followed it on the calendar. This book charts the progress of the races, year-by-year from 1976, through the era of the Group C cars, up to the end of the eighties, with previously unpublished accounts and photographs of each event. It includes maps of the circuit, showing changes over the years and detailed results from each of the races. As an ordinary spectator, Chas Parker visited each of the events (except one) over the years, and amassed an impressive collection of colour transparencies taken from the spectator enclosures, the paddock, and during pits walkabouts.

Book 2

Code 8098
Motor Racing at Thruxton in the 1980s
96 pages
color photos
Soft cover
19 x 20 cm
0,295 kg

One of the fastest motor racing circuits in the UK, Thruxton is a supreme test of high speed skill - especially where the art of slipstreaming is concerned. Consequently, it is both feared and revered. This book makes full use of the author's unique collection of many previously unpublished colour photos to follow the evolution of UK motorsport at the venue through the 1980s.

Book 3

Code 8589
BRM V16 in Camera - A photographic portrait of Britain's glorious Formula 1 failure
336 pages
b&w photos
Hard cover
29 x 24 cm
1,701 kg

BRM (British Racing Motors) was a motor racing venture created in 1950 to represent Britain in the new Formula 1 category. A symbol of Britain s post-war rebirth, the BRM car did nothing by halves: its 1.5-litre 16-cylinder supercharged engine and advanced specification made it a technical tour de force, but it earned a reputation as a fantastic folly, such that Stirling Moss described it as without doubt the worst car I ever drove . This book is a fascinating portrait of a racing car that still engenders enduring fascination. The story of the BRM V16 is explored through a remarkable collection of 400 period photographs, many not previously published. The car s protracted and painful design and development is outlined in detail. Meticulous coverage of every race from 1950 to 1954. The things that went wrong: crashes, shredded tyres (owing to the engine s prodigious power), engine failures, team fallibilities, and so on. Biographies of all the personalities involved, including team boss Raymond Mays and designer Peter Berthon. The drivers are covered in detail: they include Stirling Moss, Juan Manuel Fangio, José Froilán González and Peter Collins.

Book 4

Code 8590
Brands Hatch: The Definitive History of Britain's Best-loved Motor Racing Circuit
272 pages
Color and b&w photos
Hard cover
29 x 24 cm
1,421 kg

This book features a foreword by Bernie Ecclestone. The Brands Hatch circuit in Kent is a motorsport mecca, and was once the busiest motorsport venue in the world. Scene of many classic Formula One and sports car races, as well as numerous other international, national and club events, the circuit is currently undergoing a renaissance under the ownership of Jonathan Palmer's MotorSport Vision company. Here is the definitive history of Brands Hatch, featuring the events, cars, motorcycles and characters that have made it Britain's best-loved motor racing circuit.

Book 5

Code 8591
Northeast American Sports Car Races 1950-1959
430 pages
b&w and color photos
Hard cover
26 x 26 cm
2,362 kg

This book focuses on the different aspects that contributed to the development of Northeast American sports car racing during the 1950s. The evolution from amateur drivers racing on public roads in 1950, to both professional and amateur drivers racing at private, purpose-built tracks in 1959, demanded huge leaps of faith, trust and understanding. The transition was neither easy nor uneventful for drivers, clubs or track owners, and the tragedy, politics and intrigue that came to characterise the period are covered here in fascinating detail.

Book 6

Code 8689
Audi R8
128 pages
Color photos
Soft cover
19 x 21 cm
0,400 kg

Prior to 1999 Audi did not have a sportscar in its range, let alone having ever raced one. But between 2000 and 2006 the Audi R8 won 63 of the 80 races in which it competed - including five out of six Le Mans 24-hours - making it the most successful long-distance racing car of all time.
This book charts those races and describes the development of the R8, as well as profiling the 35 drivers who raced it between 2000 and 2006. It also includes the story of the Audi R8R and R8C of 1999. Illustrated in colour throughout with many previously unpublished photos, the book features individual chassis details and results, plus observations from significant individuals - engineers, team managers, drivers etc - concerned with the Audi R8.