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Home     Egyptian Art - The Walters Art Museum
Egyptian Art - The Walters Art Museum

Egyptian Art - The Walters Art Museum

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€ 9.99

Artikelcode: 9004

Egyptian Art - The Walters Art Museum

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Egyptian Art - The Walters Art Museum
192 pages
Color photos
Soft cover
27 x 21 cm
0,795 kg

This volume is the latest in a growing list of beautifully illustrated titles about some of the most significant and popular subjects in art history and archaeology published in association with the Walters Art Museum. It presents 79 objects from the museum's internationally renowned collection of ancient Egyptian art, ranging in date from the early dynastic to the Roman period. An introductory overview of Egyptian art is followed by the main presentation of artworks, which are divided into five chronological sections, reflecting the broader divisions of Egyptian political history: the early dynastic period and Old Kingdom; the Middle Kingdom; the New Kingdom; the Third Intermediate Period and Late Period and the Ptolemaic and Roman Period. Each section is prefaced by an introduction to the key political, artistic and wider cultural developments of that period. Each artwork is accompanied by an extended entry that places it within the context of ancient Egyptian art and discusses key stylistic and decorative features, as well as technical information.