The Panavia Tornado - A Photographic Tribute

The Panavia Tornado - A Photographic Tribute
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The Panavia Tornado - A Photographic Tribute
245 pages
Color photos
Hard cover
28 x 22 cm
1,168 kg

Through a collection of dramatic and informative photographs, supplemented by cutaway illustrations, this book highlights the agility and flexibility of this dedicated RAF aircraft. Throughout the course of its career, it has formed the backbone of the RAF across its many different theaters of operation. Utilized in a strike, anti-aircraft, air superiority, air defense, reconnaissance, electronic warfare and fighter-bomber capacity, this aircraft type has enjoyed an immensely varied career. Each aspect is illustrated in this photographic celebration.

The book includes photographs by the author and a select number of other amateur photographers, with the vast majority of photographs - never previously published - taken low level around the hills and mountains of England, Scotland and Wales. This impressive new photographic publication will be presented in full colour and is sure to be prized as a collector's piece amongst fans of the genre.