Porsche Turbo Stories - Porsche Museum

Porsche Turbo Stories - Porsche Museum
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Porsche Turbo Stories - Porsche Museum
223 pages
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For 35 years, the Porsche 911 Turbo has been regarded as the archetypal sports car. Its rare combination of precision engineering and sumptuous luxury has seen it mature into a timeless classic with a very special place in the history of the brand. The seven generations of Turbos manufactured to date reflect as no other model does the innovative style of its maker. As a technology carrier with racing genes, the car was responsible for the introduction of numerous technical advances in the field of automobile construction. In the process, it not only remained true to its ideals of unmatched performance, but also corresponded to Ferry Porsche's aim of combining that performance with low fuel consumption. This book contains comprehensive descriptions of all seven generations of Turbos from 1974 to the present, and includes a fascinating range of technical information, images and advertisements from the holdings of the Porsche Museum.


Seit 35 Jahren gilt der Porsche 911 Turbo als Automobilikone und als der Traumsportwagen schlechthin. Als Technologieträger mit Rennsport-Genen führte er zahlreiche Neuerungen in den Automobilbau ein. Da bei entsprach er stets der Philosophie von Ferry Porsche: hohe Motorleistung bei geringem Verbrauch. Das Buch schildert die technische Entwicklung des Porsche-Topmodells und stellt alle sieben Turbo-Generationen in Wort und Bild vor.