Pedal Car & other Riding Toys 1900 - 1980's

American National, Gendron, Steelcraft, Garton, Toledo Wheel, Murray .....

Pedal Car & other Riding Toys 1900 - 1980's
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Pedal Car & other Riding Toys 1900 - 1980's
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Pedal Car interest has grown in the past few years to an almost unbelievable level. It is one of the most desirable, fastest appreciating collectibles to be found today. It is now an adult toy! There were five well known early manufacturers of pedal cars: American National, Gendron, Steelcraft, Garton and Toledo Wheel. Deluxe pedal cars were only bought by the wealthy in the 1920's and 1930's making it very difficult to find one in really good condition. Some full size car collectors are selling their collections and going into pedal car collecting since there is no maintenance to pedal cars! Pedal cars of the 1920's and 1930's are a big part of American history. They have moved from the sidewalks into the living rooms for decorating, displays, etc.