Collecting Yo-Yos

Collecting Yo-Yos
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Collecting Yo-Yos
125 pages
color photos
Soft cover
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Bounce back to the carefree childhood days when you spent hours with your yo-yo learning to "walk the dog" or go "around the world". Yo-yos of many companies, decades (from the 1930s onward), and designs are displayed along with yo-yos that shriek, whistle, and spark. Whether you prefer wood or plastic, butterflies or teenies, Duncans or Whirl Kings, here you will find the yo-yos that you like best in over 275 color photographs. Also, yo-yo championship patches, tricks books, and trophies are displayed. Brief histories of several yo-yo companies such as Cheerio, Duncan, and Royal are provided. Methods are explored for roughly determining a yo-yo's age, through inscribed zip codes and patent numbers. Current market values for each and every yo-yo are found in the captions.