Architectural Ironwork

Doors, Locks, Handles, Hinges, Staircases, Grilles, Screens, Railings, Balconies, Gates, Fences ....

Architectural Ironwork
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Architectural Ironwork
240 pages
color photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
22 x 29 cm
1,488 kg

This new book showcases a vast array of ironwork commissioned for new commercial and residential building projects. Traditional styles in modern settings and designs that reach for new visual impact help to redefine ironwork's status in our current society. There are over 375 spectacular examples from more than 100 of today's top blacksmiths, supplemented with historical works from 15 countries, some derived from old French and English ironwork. These include doors and hardware, staircases and railings, grilles, screens, balconies, and gates and fences. This book will inspire architects, builders, homeowners, and artist-blacksmiths with the wealth of beautiful ideas it contains.