Italian Café Racers

Italian Café Racers
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Italian Café Racers
123 pages
Color photos
Hard cover
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There have been plenty of books published about Italian motorcycles, and a few covering the café racer genre, but none has covered the evolution of the Italian sportsbike into the Italian café racer - until now.
Coming from a nation with a great motorcycle racing heritage, Italian motorcycles have, unsurprisingly, always had a sporting flair. This book lifts the lid on the growing trend of custom Italian café conversions, illustrated in detail with stunning images of select sporting, racing, and caféd Italian motorcycles.
Italian Café Racers celebrates stunning Italian bikes from all over the globe. From the old to the modern, from horizontal-singles to inline sixes, this book reveals these stylish machines in all their innovative glory. Whether you're a entusiasta, a follower of the café racer culture, or simply appreciate beautiful bikes, this book is guaranteed to interest and inspire ... see the 'caféd' side of Italian bikes.