Volvo 700/900 Series 1982 - 1998

The Essential Buyer’s Guide

Volvo 700/900 Series 1982 - 1998
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Volvo 700/900 Series 1982 - 1998 - The Essential Buyer's Guide
64 pages
Color photos
Soft cover
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Models covered:
760 GLE, GLE Turbo Diesel, Turbo 740 GL, GLE, GLT 16V, GLE Turbo Diesel, Turbo, SE 780 Bertone Coupé

A second hand Volvo ... really? Yes! Forget about what you thought you knew - the right 700 or 900 series could be the best car you've ever bought, and this book is your essential guide to finding, assessing and buying the best car for you. Packed with information, illustrations and advice from a real marque expert, you'll be taken through detailed sections on what you need to know to decide which model is for you. Find out what it's like living with the car, how much you should be paying and how, when, and where to inspect models for sale, including a comprehensive condition checklist and guide to common concerns. You'll also discover what's involved in restoring, the main problems caused by lack of use, and potential for modification.For reference, there's a vital statistics list for each model, shape and engine, and a guide to the key people, organisations and companies within the Volvo community that you can look to for further advice.

Full coverage of all 700 and 900 models
*Advice on choosing the right model and condition
* Key checks - how to spot a bad car quickly
* Comprehensive inspection guide
* In-depth analysis of strengths and weaknesses
* Discussion of desirable upgrades, as well as modifications to avoid
* Market and value data, predicts which models will become collectable
* Details of club back-up and support organisations