Porsche 924 - All models 1976 to 1988

The Essential Buyer's Guide

Porsche 924 - All models 1976 to 1988
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Porsche 924 - All models 1976 to 1988 - The Essential Buyer's Guide
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* Advice on choosing the right model and condition
* Key checks - how to spot a bad car quickly
* Comprehensive inspection guide
* In-depth analysis of strengths and weaknesses
* Discussion of desirable upgrades as well as modifications to avoid
* Market and value data, predicts which models will become collectable

This Essential Buyers Guide gives prospective buyers key information about the Porsche 924, allowing them to make informed decisions about the pros and cons of buying one. The Porsche 924 models were built from 1976 to 1988, and grew from relatively modest performance 2+2 coupes to fire breathing turbo rally and racing cars achieving success in many forms of motorsport. The models have many excellent points; however, as with any car that is 30 years old, there are also some negatives to be considered. This balance is discussed, along with the reality of living with a 924, what to look for in any potential purchases.

Models covered:
Porsche 924 + special editions
Porsche 924 Turbo
Porsche 924 Carrera GT and derivatives
Porsche 924 Convertible conversions (non factory)
Porsche 924S