GT Love - 50 Years Opel GT

GT Love - 50 Years Opel GT
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GT Love - 50 Years Opel GT
300 pages
Color and b&w photos
Hard cover
30 x 30 cm
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Kapitän, Admiral, Diplomat, Manta, Monza - many Opels have illustrious names and thrilling designs. But there is just one true legend of the brand with the flash: the GT. For generations of drivers the sports coupé is an eye-catcher, milestone, cult, and dream. It is regarded as the most sensational Opel ever. And as an example for today's models - especially the GT Concept, which premiered at the Geneva International Motor Show in March 2016.

„When I was a young boy and saw the Opel GT, I knew: When I grow up, I must have this car. My wish came true", says former Opel manager Karl-Thomas Neumann. And Bob Lutz, living automobile legend, 84 year old combat jet pilot, who, as a young marketing director at Opel, played a substantial role in starting the GT series, praises the GT: „The GT has a lot in common with my Alpha Jet: It is not very comfortable, has weak air-conditioning, the boot is almost non existent. But that is irrelevant. One hour in the Jet or GT - and you feel just happy. Almost younger."

The slogan for the GT matched this feeling: „Just flying is better". A promise that also proved true in motorsports. And as an experimental diesel and electric GT, the German answer to the Corvette even achieved world records.