Ford Escort Mk1 & Mk2 - 1967 to 1980

The Essential Buyer's Guide

Ford Escort Mk1 & Mk2 - 1967 to 1980
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Ford Escort Mk1 & Mk2 - 1967 to 1980 - The Essential Buyer's Guide
64 pages
color photos
Soft cover
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Easy-reference Escort-buying checklist
In-depth illustrated inspection guidance
Tips on how to avoid buying a fake
Advice about choosing the right model
Useful pointers for online auctions
Valuation data
Real-world cost considerations
Tips to spot the rot
Notes on modifications to avoid
Details of clubs and specialists

Ford's Mk1 and Mk2 Escorts (1967 to 1980) are collectable classics, and this guide aims to aid potential buyers or restorers through the purchasing process. A one-stop package offering great advice, this is the ideal companion for anyone sampling and assessing an Escort, for sale privately, at a dealer, or an online auction.With at-a-glance tips, illustrated inspection guidance, valuation data, specifications, modifications you should avoid, real-world cost considerations - and even checks for spotting a fake.

Period covered: November 1967 to July 1980

Models covered:
Ford Escort Mk1 1100cc and 1300cc two-door, four-door, estate and van, including base, De Luxe, Super, GT, L, XL, Sport and 1300E. Also including Twin Cam, RS1600, Mexico and RS2000.
Ford Escort Mk2 1100cc, 1300cc and 1600cc two-door, four-door, estate and van including base, Popular, Popular Plus, L, GL, Ghia, Sport, Linnet, Harrier and Goldcrest. Also including RS1800, RS Mexico and RS2000.

Does not cover Ford Escorts produced from August 1980 onwards, including Mk3 and all other front-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive models.