Famous Ford Woodies - Special Edition

Famous Ford Woodies - Special Edition
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Famous Ford Woodies - Special Edition
245 pages
B&W and some color photos
Hard cover
29 x 26 cm
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When you think of Woodies, you'¬?ve got the 1929 to 1951 Fords in mind. Always the most popular station wagons during that time with their sporty wood-paneled bodies, they were the ones that met the trains in old movies, the ones California surfers and the Beach Boys made so famous, and the ones still often sighted on the road today. "They are to cars what Chippendale is to furniture," says Architectural Digest, referring to Woodies'¬? gleaming maple craftsmanship. Now some of the hottest collector cars on the planet, these unique America auto legends are rediscovered in FAMOUS FORD WOODIES for new fans and old by veteran Ford historian Lorin Sorensen.The story of all the beautifully crafted 1929-51 Ford woody models, with the original company publicity photos and press releases.Includes more than 200 black-and-white and color photographs.A book that takes you back to America'¬?s great era of automobile craftsmanship.