Stratofortress - The Story of the B-52

Stratofortress - The Story of the B-52
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Stratofortress - The Story of the B-52
236 pages
Color and b&w photos
Soft cover
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Apart from the formidable threat it provided during the long years of the 'Cold War', the aircraft has played a significant part in all US overseas operations since Vietnam. The more recent include Desert Storm in 1991, the Balkan conflict, Afghanistan and the liberation of Iraq. Over 700 were built and around 80 remain in service. This book includes chapters on Concept Requirement, Design and Development, Production, Evolution and Variant Models, Operational Tasking, Operational History (with firsthand accounts from crews), Weapons and Equipment Carried, Flying the Aircraft and Current Service Operations. It is highly illustrated with many original shots taken aboard B-52s, together with archive material and color profiles