Mustang Survivors

Mustang Survivors
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Mustang Survivors
174 pages
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This covers the world's population of extant North American Aviation A-36 and P-51 Mustangs including the Commonwealth and Cavalier variants. Every Surviving Mustang is listed, its military serial and last restorer is given, as is a short history of the aircraft. In addition, fifty of the better known Mustangs are covered in full with their complete military history and civil ownership records, and extended photographic coverage. At least two of the most recently restored Mustangs will be covered in depth and in detail showing external and internal details; one P-51D and one P-51B/C model. This is a completely new work documenting all surviving P-51s. It is certain to become the authoritative reference guide for anyone looking to either restore a Mustang, locate spare parts or just source information on NAA's finest. The book includes detailed appendices which will include contact information for all the companies involved in Mustang restoration, internet sites and other resources on the type. They also provide an accurate production list; a complete list of all the units that flew the Mustang; the Mustang as an Air Racer and Mustang accidents.