Pinball Snapshots - Air Aces to Xenon

Pinball Snapshots - Air Aces to Xenon
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Pinball Snapshots - Air Aces to Xenon
269 pages
Color photos
Hard cover
28 x 22 cm
1,590 kg

Timeless in their appeal, pinball games have entertained and tested the skills of players worldwide for many generations. Pinballs combine the unpredictability of a rolling, bouncing silver ball with some of the most amazing commercial artwork and the most up-to-date technological advancements. Here is a book that celebrates what is known to many enthusiasts as "the lure of the silverball." Fifty diverse pinballs, both vintage and contemporary, are showcased. Each has its own chapter outlining the game's special features, historical background, game trivia, game rules, graphic images, collectibility, and current value. Over 500 amazing full color photographs give the reader a complete visual of each game. Whole machine shots, close-ups of backglasses and playfields, and ball's-eye-view images all put enthusiasts right into the action. This outstanding book will be thoroughly enjoyed by pinball collectors, historians, graphic artists, and devotees of coin operated amusement games.