Spring-loaded Fish, Hooks, Traps & Lures

Identification and Value Guide

Spring-loaded Fish, Hooks, Traps & Lures
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Spring-loaded Fish, Hooks, Traps & Lures
285 pages
color photos
Hard cover
28 x 22 cm
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This is an exciting new guide to a never-before-documented field of antique fishing collectibles. It includes hundreds of color photos (many items are shown actual size), patent drawings, and clear, precise computer scans of patented spring-loaded traps, hooks, and lures, most of which have never been pictured, discussed, or valued in any book. These ingenious American inventions span the time period from pre-Civil War until the 1970s, with values ranging from $10.00 to $10,000.00. The book provides a written and visual history of spring-loaded fishing devices along with descriptions and explanations of their mechanisms in concise, easy-to-understand language that the beginning, intermediate, and advanced collector has not had access to in any book. This long-awaited book on Americana collectibles sets a new standard in the field of collecting antique fishing memorabilia. Written by the country's two foremost collectors and experts in the field, this informative, fascinating book is a must for anyone interested in the history of fishing in the United States, antique fishing memorabilia, or metal traps.