The Dream Factory - Fender Custom Shop

The Dream Factory - Fender Custom Shop
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The Dream Factory - Fender Custom Shop
589 pages
Color photos
Hard cover
26 x 26 cm
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This third in a series of hardcover books joins the award-winning titles "The Stratocaster Chronicles" and "The Soul of Tone" by author/historian Tom Wheeler. "The Dream Factory" features hundreds of full-color photos of incredibly rare, collectible, and limited edition handcrafted guitars. In over 600 pages, learn the fascinating tale of the Fender Custom Shop and its illustrious artisans as only Tom Wheeler can tell it. It features: foreword by Billy F Gibbons; and, over 630 images illustrating the first master builders and their humble beginnings through the many changes up to present-day operations. It includes many one-of-a-kind custom guitar masterpieces and reproductions of acclaimed guitarists' instruments, such as Eric Clapton's Blackie, Jimi Hendrix's Monterey Strat, Stevie Ray Vaughan's No. 1, and many more. It is a must-have for all guitar enthusiasts! It includes unprecedented view inside one of the music industry's most creative and prolific custom instrument shops. It offers fascinating interviews and stories from the men and women who set the standard for guitar greatness. It features behind-the-scenes looks at how playable works of art are created.