Performance Fords

Cortina GT Mk 1, Capri RS2600, Escort, Sierra RS Cosworth, Focus RS, Focus WRC, StreetKa ....

Performance Fords
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Performance Fords
160 pages
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Ford has been making special performance cars in Europe since the 1960s. From the original "Fast Ford", the Cortina GT Mk 1 of 1963, to the very latest Focus RS and StreetKa, family after family of sporty models have been developed, sold and campaigned in motorsport. The "Fast Ford" fraternity is one of the largest of all motoring enthusiasts' movements, with a vast number of one-make events held in the UK and overseas. This book is a model-by-model guide and accurate reference source for the enthusiast. The book contains: details of all significant "Fast Fords"; the behind-the-scenes development story, evolution and technical specifications for each model; many previously unpublished photographs from the Ford RS brand over the years; full details of the rally cars, including the Escorts, Sierra RS Cosworth and the Focus WRC; and details of world-beating racing cars such as the Lotus-Cortina, Capri RS2600 and Sierra RS500 Cosworth.