Honda V4 - The Complete Four-Stroke Story

Honda V4 - The Complete Four-Stroke Story
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Honda V4 - The Complete Four-Stroke Story
176 pages
Color photos
Hard cover
27 x 22 cm
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The complete story of the legendary Honda V4 motorcycles and the four-stroke engine design that gave them the name. Including full production histories, comprehensive specification details and over 250 colour illustrations, the book covers the following:

* Design and development of the first Honda V4, the oval piston NR500, and the VF road models from 1982-1988
* The iconic sport touring bikes, the VFR750, VFR800 and VFR1200F
* The worldwide racing success for Honda Racing Corporation's RC30
* The 1990 Pan European/ST1100, with its longitudinal V4 engine, and the 2002 ST1300
* Honda V4s in MotoGP
* Details of the 2014 VFR800 and CTX1300 cruiser
* Owners' experiences and insight from those who worked in the industry