Goldmine Record Album Price Guide

Goldmine Record Album Price Guide
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Goldmine Record Album Price Guide
799 pages
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With its rich history of appreciation for the format and featuring more than 110,000 albums covering 60 years, Goldmine Record Album Price Guide, 9th Edition, is the best and most trusted resource for buying, selling or simply enjoying a vinyl album collection.

This completely vetted and massive reference features:
* More than 110,000 American-released vinyl albums
* Current values and key identification information including artist name, record label, catalog number, format details, release date and more.
* Rock, Pop, Jazz, Country, Blues and more
* Various Artists Collections, Soundtracks and Original Cast Recordings
* An easy-to-use format for effortless discovery and enjoyment
* The Goldmine Grading Guide, the most widely used guide for determining condition in the hobby today